Chapter 68: Confronted by the Whole Class

The other female student ,who stood by her seat, turned around to stare at Gu Xi with a look of disgust and asked, “Who cares about those things you have there? Gu Xi, let me ask you. Did you cheat on the exams?!”

This student was named Cheng Lin. In terms of academics, she always placed among the top three students in this class and had constantly been trying to compete with Gu Xue’er. Now, Gu Xi appeared out of nowhere and claimed the first place in their entire year group. With Gu Xi’s sudden appearance, was Cheng Lin going to lose her second place then?

These two sisters of the Gu family were trying to oppose her, right?!

“Who told you I cheated on the exams?” Gu Xi raised an eyebrow at her.

“Humph! Why would I need anyone to tell me that? It’s obvious that you’ve done so!” Cheng Lin retorted.

“Oh? If it’s that obvious to you, then why are you asking me?” Gu Xi could not help rolling her eyes.

What kind of nonsense question was that?

“You!” Cheng Lin immediately got angry and
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