Chapter 141 Damned Adoration

Gu Xi followed Teacher Li towards her office under the various types of looks every student passing by directed at her.

“Gu Xi, do you know why I asked you to come with me?” Teacher Li set the documents in her hand on the table as she asked, a complex look on her face.

“Is it about the forum?” Gu Xi asked.

“Yes. I know you’re the biggest victim of the entire thing but since the accident has escalated drastically and has involved people from other places, this will greatly affect our university’s reputation. The chancellor will be coming over in a bit and he might want to discuss this with you. Don’t worry since everyone knows you were wrongfully accused, the chancellor only wants to look for a way to settle this…”

“Bang, bang, bang…” Before Teacher Li could finish her sentence, three loud knocks sounded from the door to the office.

Teacher Li quickly put on a serious expression before she walked over to open the door.

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