Chapter 191 Lunch Made With Love

Gu Xi widened her eyes, it was obvious that she did not expect this.

She reached out to receive the lunchbox with shaking hands.

The lunchbox was very big, and it was still hot.

“Go back quickly,” Xing Beiyan mentioned, then gestured to his assistant at the front to drive away.

Gu Xi returned to the rooftop in a daze after his car was no longer in sight.

“Wow, Xixi, did you bring us food? Why is there only one?” Seeing as she returned with a lunchbox in her hands, Luo Yang ran toward her. He suddenly looked shy when he thought about something. “Is this a special delivery for me? Oh, I’m so touched.”

Gu Xi rolled her eyes, then waved her hand at everyone else after getting her bag. “I’m taking a lunch break.”

The others nodded at her.

Luo Yang felt bitter.

Gu Xi mentioned before she left, “The lunch was given by my husband, so there’s none for you.”

The other people were indifferent.

Luo Yang…

There were not many people in the classroom.

That said, Gu Xue’er an
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