Chapter 193 Regaining Possession Of Her Ring

That was because Gu Xi never attached any importance to it.

Thinking back, she realized that she was extremely dumb.

“Elder Sister Xue’er, when are you going to return my ring? I’ve lent you the ring for a year already, it’s the first gift given to me by my boyfriend,” Gu Xi mentioned unhappily.

This time, she was not pretending as she was really displeased.

She felt disgusted at the thought of her wedding ring being worn for a year by the person who killed her.

Gu Xue’er was still annoyed at what Gu Xi said earlier, and she subconsciously covered her right hand when she heard what Gu Xi mentioned next.

“Why? Are you reluctant to part with it?” Gu Xi looked at her meaningfully.

The others looked at Gu Xue’er strangely without saying a word.

“No, that’s not it. Please don’t be angry, I just forgot to return it to you.” Gu Xue’er thought that Gu Xi had forgotten about the ring long ago since Gu Xi never brought it up. She would sometimes wear it out to flaunt her status,
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