Chapter 196 Please Don’t Be So Shameless

At the spur of the moment, everyone became excited. They also began working more seriously after knowing that their boss had secretly looked into them.

The dance video was published on the official website at night.

There were hundreds of thousands of followers on the official website, and Gu Xi shared the video using F.K’s work account.

Since the crew had more than five hundred thousand followers, the video had views in the thousands after just a few minutes. Many people even reposted the video with captions such as, “These handsome boys are so cool!”.

Gu Xi also paid a few Weibo influencers to share the video on their accounts, hoping that it would become most searched.

Sure enough, the video became one of the top ten hot searches in a flash after two influencers shared it, but it was still far from Han Lei’s new drama that was the most searched.

Han Lei’s new drama had been on the hot-search list for the whole day, so it had high popularity, and its number of followers w
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Andrea Meres
The story is great no over drama and direct approach which is good and no over side stories completely focused on main character. I liked it so much

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