Chapter 200 Because It’s Mine

“Perhaps Gu Xue’er and Han Lei were the ones who caused this?”

“I heard that they’re starting to shoot for a new drama, what is it called again? I was actually looking forward to it, but I’ve changed my mind to not support it any more!”

Since the anti-fans dared not say a word anymore, the comment section became clean again.

In fact, the Gu Family Group’s statement drove the dance crew to the top.

They surpassed Han Lei in just an hour’s time, and managed to secure the throne!

Gu Xi was satisfied upon seeing the outcome.

It was what she wanted.

Being at the top of the hot-search list was not a joke.

Some followers then posted the video of F.K dancing at the university, which attracted comments from plenty of students. Additionally, the message from the great master who recognized their dancing skills was also found and posted, which caused an even more heated discussion.

‘It turns out that the handsome boys’ dance was already approved by a great master!’

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