Chapter 206 Brought Her To Experience Many Firsts Together

“H Country,” Xing Beiyan replied with a smile, “It has beautiful scenery and a nice environment, so it’s a good vacation spot.”

Gu Xi had heard of the country, and she knew that it was the best country for a vacation since it was very famous on the internet. That said, some areas were quite chaotic because they were packed with tourists from different countries, but the main scenic spots had good reputations.

After going through the procedures, they boarded the plane in no time.

Gu Xi was initially excited as it was her first time on a plane, but her face turned green not long after it took off.

She heard that it would be a comfortable experience, but she felt sick!

It was worth noting that she never experienced motion sickness even on a bus!

After Gu Xi vomited badly at the lavatory, she looked up with teary eyes to say to the worried Xing Beiyan, “I’m never getting on a plane anymore.”

Right after she finished, there was turbulence again, causing her to puke once more.
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