Chapter 212 Blushed

Gu Xi even looked up at Xing Beiyan.

Just as he thought that she would blush shyly, she shut her eyes again after taking just one glance at him and continued sleeping soundly.

‘She’s really… Not on her guard at all.

‘Is she that comfortable around me?’

Xing Beiyan raised his eyebrow, and felt that his pride as a man was attacked!

He would not go overboard, but would still fight for his well-being.

Gu Xi woke up very early the next morning.

She simply woke up due to pain.

Perhaps because she had cold water yesterday, her stomach was aching very badly.

Gu Xi had her period.

This was the first thing that came to her mind. After glancing at the man next to her, she pushed the blanket aside and noticed a patch of blood on the bedsheet, so her face reddened due to the embarrassment.

‘Oh no, oh no.’

Gu Xi’s mind went blank, but before she could figure out what to do, Xing Beiyan’s voice was heard coming from above her head.

“Is something wrong?”

Gu Xi looked up wit
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