Chapter 225 A Life Without Him Isn’t Worth Living

Gu Xi could not take it anymore when she witnessed the scene. She was in no place to question who that lady was, and could not blame him for treating her as another lady’s replacement, hence she could only leave.

She would go far away, and perhaps her heart would not ache so much anymore if she could not see them.

Gu Xi dared not stay there any longer as she was afraid of seeing something else that would cause her to break down.

“Xixi!” Xing Beiyan saw Gu Xi running away in a flash, and a flustered look was seen on his cold face. It was something that Hua Feifei had never seen before because back when they were still together, he was extremely indifferent toward her, and would only treat her gently once in a while.

This time, Hua Feifei actually saw an emotion other than indifference on the man’s face.

‘Isn’t that lady just my replacement?’ She wondered.

Her face also darkened because she figured that something must have happened while she was gone.

“Yan!” She clung to Xi
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