Eva's POV

I lifted my other hand and removed his hold from my elbow. In that moment I hated Liam. And not in a casually saying, uttering nonsense kind of way.

I really, really hated him for what he had done to me.

The sight of him standing in front of me with guilt ridden face did nothing but increase my anger and pain and that started to make me hate him even more.

Where the fuck had I gone wrong?

I guess ignoring his every mistake in hopes of a happy future, my selfish need for attention and desperation of getting both Liam and Rush in my life as my lifelong destiny had come back to bite me in the ass.

I should not have been greedy.

I should never have forgiven him.

I should never have given him another chance.

I made sure to squeeze Liam's hand with all my strength. My nails pierced his skin but he did not make a sound.

I did not know why I did that. To make him feel the pain I was feeling, probably

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Omoye Arewa
I love the story......

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