I could have pushed him away easily if I wanted. He was just a human after all. But I did not. It had been three months since I had last seen him and I did not know how I had managed to stay away from him.

As his mouth devoured mine, I could not control myself. His touch felt like heaven. His mouth on me felt like the only thing I needed in that moment to feel relief and contentment.

Ryan's mouth slid down to my neck and latched there, biting and sucking the sensitive skin while making me moan and beg for more.

My hand slipped over his trousers, feeling the hard bulge in my palm, throbbing and excited.

"Ryan." I whimpered in need.

Without a care, his hands ripped the smooth fabric of my V neck dress to gain access to my breasts. He palmed the milky boobs in a firm grip to squeeze them while his mouth descended down to attack them.

He was not gentle. His mouth chewed on the pink softness one after other until they were bruised.

His hand slipp

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