37- Chances

Hope stayed quiet and glanced away from him. She wanted to say she was enjoying this, but admitting anything would be a betrayal. She couldn't just forget what he was or who he was so easily. The blood might be washed off, but it still stained her mind.

"Hope?" Varys pointed out across the park where a family of ducks paddled through the water. "I brought some bread, let's go feed the ducks. You still like that, right?" the corners of his lip twitched, and he bit his lip as he searched her face.

"You can't feed them that," Hope scolded as she glanced away from him. Damn him for being hopeful. She didn't need to deal with that. 

"Huh?" Vary's eyebrows furrowed. "Why not?"

"You'll hurt the ducks," she replied. She glanced around the park again and noticed a tiny shack across the lake. The feed name was proudly displayed across the side in bold red font. "There, you can get food for them there."

Varys nodded and held out his hand to her. "Let's g

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Victoria Krechting
Damn possesive much. come on max get your girl.

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