26- Lost In The Dust

The hours passed by and then there were sounds of gunshots, loud yelling, and screams. Hope started shivering. She knew something was wrong, in fact, everything felt wrong in that moment. Her heart was in a panic. She could not dare lift up her head and look out from the window of the car. She wanted to go and find Varys, she could feel the panic throbbing inside her. But she did not want to get him in trouble, she did not want to become a liability and she did not know what the hell was going inside that house. All she knew was that there was some really scary shit going on inside the house and Varys and his family were in danger.

Her hands fumbled to find her mobile phone and thankfully, after much struggle of trying to hold it in her fumbling fingers, she managed to dial 911.


Before the Police came, the gunshots had stopped and the house had gotten covered in silence. Earlier there had been sounds of shouting, gro

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Victoria Krechting
i need more Max give me more Max

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