Chapter 204 Give Yourself to Me?

Bai Feng's question made the other four people in the room look at him at the same time.

Before Li Tingxiao and Zhan Yiling could say anything, Li Jingchen was very shameless and replied, "I found your granddaughter first, and I saved her. Although others also helped her a little, I helped her the most."

After hearing Li Jingchen's words, the corners of Su Jianxi's mouth twitched.

He was so shameless that if he called himself the second, no one would say he was the first.

After hearing Li Jingchen's words, Bai Feng looked at him tenderly.

"Benefactor, thank you for saving my granddaughter. I wonder if you have a family?"

After Bai Feng finished asking, Li Jingchen said in a low voice, "I was not married yet. Are you saying that I saved your granddaughter, and you want to marry her to me? Is this the legendary 'save your life and repay you with her body body'? Hahaha."

When Li Jingchen said this, he sounded like he was joking.

However, Bai Feng's expression became extremely seri
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