Chapter 209 Ruin Her

"It's just an actress. What's there to care about? Besides, I will never let go of such a person who has ruined the reputation of our Li Clan. I not only want Su Jianxi to get out of the Li Clan, but also ruin her reputation."

When Li Zhengxun said this, his face was full of determination.

"Dad, I had done whatever you told me before, but this time, I won't do it." Dong Peishan was no longer the cowardly and obedient person she used to be.

"You... Are you trying to piss me off?" After hearing Dong Peishan's refusal, Li Zhengxun was so angry that he started coughing violently. "Ahem... None of you are good people. You're pushing your elbows out and biting inside and outside!"

Li Zhengxun was too angry, so he began to speak without thinking.

In the face of Li Zhengxun's scolding, Dong Peishan only showed a bitter smile. "I believe in Tingxiao's judgment, and I also believe that it's impossible for Jianxi to do anything that disappoints us. Dad, I have other things to do. I'll go fir
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