Chapter 25 Scapegoat

“Jianxi… Could you sacrifice for the Su Family and Heaven’s Entertainment just this once? Go to the media and clarify it to them. Tell them that you actually broke up with Siming a long time ago, and Huanran is Siming’s girlfriend now. That way, they won’t be cheating. This is the only way to minimize the damage.”

As soon as Su Bohai said that, he turned his hopeful gaze to his daughter.

Su Jianxi was so angry that she burst out laughing, her chest rising and falling drastically. Her voice dripped with sarcasm as she said, “How many times have I taken the fall for Su Huanran and Heaven’s Entertainment over the past three years? Every time anything goes wrong, have you gotten used to having me take the fall?”

The sheer extent of their shamelessness exceeded Su Jianxi’s expectations time and time again.

“I know this is wrong of me, and I know I’m putting you in a bad spot. But Jianxi, the Su Family Group is the treasure that your mother and I fought for. We can’t let Heaven’s Entertainme
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