Chapter 48 An Eye For An Eye

Xia Zhenghua thought he was already giving the two of them more respect than they deserved, but if they refused to respond in kind, then they should not blame him for being ruthless.

“Fine, you can leave now.”

Xia Zhenghua wanted to act as though he was on their side, but the more he tried, the more Li Tingxiao looked down on him.

He even chased Xia Zhenghua away so nonchalantly.

Xia Zhenghua felt as though this was the first time he had been this insulted in his fifty-odd years.

He was so angry that he pointed a finger at Li Tingxiao, his chest rising and falling dramatically. “Alright, so you two b*stards want to sue my daughter, right? Let’s see what you’re capable of. Su Jianxi, right? I’ll make sure you can’t do a thing in the entertainment circle!”

With that, Xia Zhenghua left the hospital room.

Having witnessed that, his subordinate hurriedly shut the suitcase on the table and followed in Xia Zhenghua’s footsteps.

“We should go too.”

Li Tingxiao acted as though nothing had happ
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