Chapter 67 Skinned Alive and Swallowed Whole

She glared at Su Jianxi with angry eyes, as if she was going to skin her alive and swallow her whole.

"Su Jianxi, you must have deliberately set the journalists on me, so that I would be embarrassed in front of John. You are more venomous than snakes and scorpions. You must have brought misfortune to your mother and caused her death."

Su Huanran words were like a poison-laced arrow. They quickly struck Su Qianxi's weak spot.

Su Jianxi was going to ignore Su Huanran. However, she had brought up her mother's death, and that was a line that should not be crossed.

Su Jianxi's expression became cold and distant. She walked right up to Su Huanran with a gaze that could kill.

Su Huanran realized that she had misspoken. However, she felt that she could not flinch in front of Su Qianxi.

"Why, was I mistaken?" Su Huanran's voice was slightly trembling. She subconsciously took several backward steps.

Su Qianxi smiled like a queen. "No, you are not mistaken. Indeed, I was the one who
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