Chapter 75 I Was Wrong. Won’t You Come Home?

Su Jianxi’s attention was completely focused on his phone since the owner of the phone number was, in fact, a girl!

Li Tingxiao briefly glanced at the phone and then hung up. As he was about to resume his work, he had not expected the phone to ring again. Not to mention, it was a call from the same woman as before.

"Won’t you pick it up? What if it’s an emergency?"

Seeing Li Tingxiao who looked like he wanted to refuse, Su Jianxi could not help but advise him so. Li Tingxiao listened to Su Jianxi's words and answered the phone.

"Tingxiao, come to the hospital. Dad is in the emergency room now. He… He might not make it."

On the other line was a woman's voice who could be heard crying. Li Tingxiao's expression changed after hearing what she had said.

"You stay at the hospital. I'll be right there."

After Li Tingxiao was done speaking, he put down the laptop in his hand and said to Su Jianxi, "I have to go to the hospital. You should stay at home and wait for me."

Although Su Jia
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