Chapter 134 Like Master, Like Servant

Almost as soon as Xue Kaili said that, Sis Kimi stood in front of Su Jianxi like a hen protecting its chick.

Sis Kimi had been swooning over him just a second ago, but now she was fully alert as she said, "How could you suddenly invite a woman into your car like that? Who the heck are you?!"

As the Xue Family was not based in Ocean City, it was perfectly normal for Sis Kimi to not know Xue Kaili.

Xue Kaili completely ignored Sis Kimi, because his gaze never once left Su Jianxi.

"Sorry, it's getting late now. I have to pack my things and go home."

Su Jianxi declined without hesitation.

Although this Xue Kaili did not look the least bit intimidating, after staying by Li Tingxiao's side for so long, Su Jianxi's judgment when it came to people had improved considerably.

The more innocent and harmless someone looked, the more they could catch you unawares when they killed.

Xue Kaili was a member of the Xue Family, and she had recently pushed Xue Kailin out of an upstairs window.
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