Chapter 141 Aggressive Counterattack

“Tell me. As long as it’s something I can do, just say it.”

“Gu Zhenman was married in the past, and she even got a divorce later. That’s perfectly normal to most people, of course, but she always denied the fact that she was married to the media. That’s why we have to chip away at her image slowly, Sis Kimi!”

“Alright, I’ll get to it.”

Su Jianxi hung up after she gave Sis Kimi the list of instructions.

Since Gu Zhenman wanted to destroy her, she was going to eat Gu Zhenman up a bit at a time.

After all, Su Jianxi was always one to collect her dues with interest included.

Within an hour, Sis Kimi settled everything Su Jianxi asked her to.

Not only then, Sis Kimi even tagged Bo Sichen.

The netizens needed their proof, so they all ran to Bo Sichen’s Weibo page and asked for verification.

For some strange reason, Bo Sichen shared Sis Kimi’s post and even admitted to it.

Meanwhile, Gu Zhenman was recuperating in another hospital. When she found out about this, she nearly broke do
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