Chapter 258 He Can't Do It at All?

After Muchu settled Lou Sichen, he went out of the room to explain this matter to Chen Yu and Su Chengzhi.

Chen Yu and Su Cheng did not object, but they felt a little strange about Muchu's attitude.

Chen Yu said, "Chuchu, although I can understand your love, there are some things that you have to think about carefully. This child is only four years old. If you can't take good care of him, if something goes wrong, it will be all your fault. At that time, his father will blame you..."

"Actually, I have considered this problem. But thinking about it, I brought the little girl with me back then. It should not be a big problem. In addition, maybe he won't be able to stay in our house for long."

"If you think you're qualified, we'll be fine. Of course, if I'm free, I can help you bring her."

"It's okay. Usually, from Monday to Friday, let him go to kindergarten. I'll pick him up after work. After all, it's better for him to stay there with someone than alone."

Su Chengzhi looked at Muchu dou
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