Chapter 342 Wedding (1)

Let's wish everyone a happy new year. There will be a brand-new start in the new year.

S City

Lu Yuan and Liang Jinyao had not seen each other since the last time they parted. It had been more than three months since they last met. In the past three months, they had not made a phone call. Liang Jinyao seemed to have disappeared from the world without any news.

On this day, after work, he leaned over his backpack and stood at the bus stop waiting for his car.

"Hello, Teacher Lu!"

The female students in the class greeted him enthusiastically.


He responded with a smile.

"Teacher Lu, look at the other teachers. Why are you still alone?"

"That's right! Teacher Lu, it's time for you to teach your girlfriend."

"Teacher Lu, since you are so beautiful, there should be a lot of girls chasing you!"


This group of students!

"The first thing you should do is to study hard. When did you start to care about your teacher's private life?"

After being scolded by Lu Yuan, the g
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