Chapter 29 Muchu is Missing!

Looking at Qin Zhaoxi’s hateful face, she was reminded of the things that the mother-daughter pair had done to her own mother six years ago. Moreover, with how she had humiliated Little Yuanwei with her harsh words just now, Qin Muchu just could not let her do as she pleased!

If she did not beat the crap out of this woman today, she would be ashamed of herself!

Who cares about being late or absent? Everything comes after teaching this woman a lesson!

In the end, after half an hour, she was eventually brought to the police station.

Qin Muchu sat on the long bench icily, her phone was confiscated and her face had more than only a few bruises. The worst of all was that the expensive dress she was wearing was destroyed in Qin Zhaoxi’s vicious hands.

Great, she had wanted to return it after dry cleaning, but now there was no need to.

However, at this moment, compared to her, Qin Zhaoxi did not have it any better.

Her dress had been torn into strips, that delicate face of hers
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