Chapter 40 She Is Obedient As A Kitten

Some time passed after that.

As Qin Muchu lay on his chest, listening to the steady beats of his heart, not knowing how, her breath gradually evened out as drowsiness slowly invaded her mind.

Probably because she was not well-rested last night, perhaps at that moment the sheets were just so warm or it could have been that his strong, beating heart had induced her sleepiness with each steady beat, she had actually let her featherbrained self nest under his sheets and fall asleep on his chest.

When Cheng Xuanying had left, only did Lou Sichen realize that Qin Muchu who was hidden under his blanket had quietly fallen asleep without him knowing.

She was like an obedient little kitten, crouched against his chest, sleeping soundly.

Her breath was gentle and even. Each exhale brushed over his skin, the damp and warm sensation left layers after layers of tingling numbness. His muscular body stiffened for a few seconds as his deep eyes slowly turned dark.

He swallowed hard before re
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Dee Dalangpan
The more I read the story the more I start to find both ML and FL annoying!.
goodnovel comment avatar
Dee Dalangpan
I don't understand why he doesn't tell her that he is her husband? He's just making it more difficult later on especially since he never clarifies the relationship between him and the so called "fiancee", but he actually indulges her actions so than Muchu completely misunderstands everything.

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