Chapter 60 Tell Him About Little Tail - Part One

“Chuchu, don’t be like this!”

Gu Jinyan knew that anything he said now would be useless, it could never console a mother’s fragile heart. He could only pat her back gently, trying his best to give her comfort. “If Little Tail finds out you have been behaving like this, she would be so sad!”

However, Muchu continued to blame herself as her tears rolled down her face. “I’m not qualified to be a mother! I can’t give her anything she wants! Wuuu…..”

“Chuchu, let’s not be like this!”

As Gu Jinyan listened to her, he felt the same sorrow and grief. “You’ve already done the best you can!”

For a single mother, to be able to raise a child alone until she was this old was already an extremely difficult task.

The pain and suffering that she had gone through all these years, Gu Jinyan had seen them all and he felt them dearly in his heart.

Five years ago when she was giving birth to Little Tail, she had almost died from complications during labor on the surgery table, but thankfully
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