Chapter 77 He Is Little Tail’s Father

Muchu quickly got up to chase after Lou Sichen. “Director Lou!”

Lou Sichen did not stop walking but simply slowed down.

Muchu easily caught up with him and said, “Uhm… I haven’t had the chance to thank you!”

“You can thank me in a practical way!” Lou Sichen gave her a meaningful look.

Muchu was quiet.

She was reminded of the time when he had asked for a thank you gift from her and her cheeks blushed at the memory.

He can’t be asking me to kiss him now, can he? I can’t do that.

While Muchu was musing internally, Lou Sichen suddenly said from over her head, “Treat me to lunch this Saturday!”

“Huh?” Muchu looked up at him, mildly stunned.

“What do you mean ‘huh’? You don’t want to?” Lou Sichen’s expression turned slightly unpleasant.

“No, no! Of course not!” Muchu shook her head and waved frantically.

“That’s settled then!”

He then pointed to her nose and warned her, “Stand me up if you dare!”

Muchu was silent.

She then stuck out a tongue at him and answered, “
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