Chapter 92 Are You Guys Preparing For Marriage?

After that, without warning, her gorgeous and sensual body fell back against a solid and heated chest.

Muchu’s heart violently skipped a beat from shock.

Without turning around, she already knew who was behind her.

In the full-length mirror before her, Muchu saw the reflection of Lou Sichen who had suddenly appeared behind her and her own almost naked body in his embrace.

Muchu could clearly see the color in his pair of eyes that were staring straight at her grow thicker and darker.

Her face instantly flushed red and her body felt uncomfortable under his scrutiny. “… Why are you here? Where is the sales assistant? Get out quickly…”

“The sales assistant is busy! She has no time for you so I came instead.”

Lou Sichen’s voice went huskier by a few degrees, there was a mystifying deepness in his tone, bewitching as it flowed into Muchu’s ears.

Warm and humid breath scarcely breezed past her ear as his cool, thin lips lightly brushed down Muchu’s fair neck and then fell onto
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