Chapter 99 She Is My, Lou Sichen’s Wife!

Lou Sichen’s slender long fingers absentmindedly toyed with Muchu’s hair, then he could be heard saying in a cold but casual tone, “Make Liu Zhe bring over betrothal gifts to the Qin family tomorrow to propose marriage. Since the Qin family can’t want to have a union of marriage with the Liu family, let’s help them accomplish that, after all, that Second Young Miss Qin is still single, isn’t she?”

“... Yes!” Xue Bing nodded.

Xue Bing had to say, his young master’s plot was just too savage! But of course, it felt extremely refreshing!

This Qin Zhaoxi! Since she kept scheming after their young mistress, again and again, she must be tired of her peaceful life!

“Then, for Qin Weiguo…”

Xue Bing glanced at his young master through the rearview mirror.

Lou Sichen lowered his gaze to look at Muchu who was sleeping soundly in his arms, after a brief silence, he said, “Give the evidence of his bribery of all these years to his opponent, someone will take care of him for us! And send
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