Chapter 129 Say ‘Hubby’

Was this considered ‘well’? It was really quite well! But for some reason, Muchu could not see any trace of happiness in Lu Rongyan’s eyes.

These were things that Lu Rongyan coveted for!


“Chuchu, you don’t have to look at me like that. At first, I didn’t understand it, but after that, I figured it out! The marriage between Lu Anyan and I never had any love to begin with. If I try to pursue the happiness of an ordinary couple, I would just be fooling myself! At least I have money now, right? Look, I have branded accessories, branded bags, and I have a credit card with no limits in my purse. If I feel upset, I can just buy, buy, buy, and there’s always a driver to take me everywhere. The person I am now, I have lots and lots of money that I can’t finish spending, what more can I ask for? Lu Anyan’s heart? His love? Those are too luxurious, too much a fantasy, they’re not something I can ask for…”

Lu Rongyan’s words startled Muchu.

For so many years that she had been
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