Chapter 167 Come Into My Room

Muchu hesitated, it was as if time had stopped for a moment or two before she managed to dial Sichen’s number. On the other end, it took him quite some time to answer the call as well.

“What’s up?”

Sichen’s voice was husky; he seemed to have just rolled out of bed.

Had she perhaps woken him from his slumber?

Of course, I did. She thought to herself. It would’ve been around dawn by the time he got home. What else could he be doing apart from sleeping at this hour?

A sudden memory sparked in her mind. Didn’t he smash his phone yesterday? How will he be able to pick up the phone now? Ugh, talk about being rich.

Muchu realized she was lost in her own thoughts, so she snapped back to reality and said, “... Something’s up.”

“Exactly what is up?”

He sounded annoyed this time.

She had disturbed his supposedly good night’s sleep and was not answering his question properly. It was no doubt he would feel irritated.

Hence, Muchu did not continue to beat around the bush and aske
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