Chapter 183 The Most Beautiful Lover’s Prattle

“Oh you!”

Li Shancun seemed to have noticed that her mood had changed too fast earlier, so she softened her expression. “You’re really just making trouble! It’s a good thing that he doesn’t mind…”

Muchu smiled awkwardly and said nothing else.

“Uhm, Ma…”

Muchu nervously rubbed her hands together before saying, “I still have some things to take care of, so why don’t you pack up your luggage first, and after I’m done with my tasks, I’ll come back to pick you up, okay?”

“Sure, sure! Go and do what you must, you can leave me on my own!”

“I’ll come over around noon.”

“... Okay.”

“I’ll get going then.”

Muchu ended up not drinking the cup of tea before leaving Li Shancun’s house.

When she came out, she still seemed to be in a trance.

The moment Lou Sichen saw her come out, he tossed away the cigarette butt in his hand and signaled her to get in the car.

Muchu distractedly got into the black limousine in the furthest back of the fleet while Lou Sichen sat at the seat opp
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