Chapter 472 Little Young Master’s Gone

While Cheng Luo and Cheng Kexin were out, Buddy was alone in the playroom, drawing.

The nanny who was taking care of him beside him could not help but praise him when she saw his seemingly good drawing. “Wow, Little Young Master, you’re amazing! This painting is really beautiful.”

The nanny was not cooing or toadying the way she would coax a child. Three months ago, Cheng Kexin had signed Buddy up for art class to tame his naughty temperament.

Although Buddy was the youngest student in the class, he was one of the few outstanding ones. There were a few times when Cheng Kexin went to pick Buddy up from class, the teacher told her that Buddy was indeed talented in drawing, and suggested that she cultivate Buddy’s talent in this field.

Cheng Kexin, however, ignored the advice for the most part. She knew that Buddy was intelligent and that he was able to pick up new skills quickly, a trait he inherited from Gu Chi. However, she wanted him to make his own decisions on what area of s
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