Chapter 474 Small Village

As soon as Cheng Luo arrived at the door of the house and saw Gu Chi standing there, the anger in his heart emerged in an instant. Cheng Luo strode forward and asked, "What are you doing here at this house!"

Seeing Cheng Luo's angry attitude towards him, Gu Chi did not really take it seriously and explained the reason he was here. "Kexin was with me just now and I noticed that she looked very anxious about something. So I waited here to see whether I could help with anything..."

Before Gu Chi got to finish his sentence, Cheng Luo went straight up and punched him. "Five years ago, you abandoned Kexin you scumbag. And now you’re still pretending to be a good person today!"

After almost being beaten to the ground by Cheng Luo, Gu Chi raised a hand and wiped the corner of his mouth, but without any act of resistance. He knew that Cheng Luo felt hurt on Cheng Kexin’s behalf, thus he endured it. However, Cheng Luo was not moved by his patience.

"Kexin seemed to be really anxious, you sho
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