Chapter 503 Grandfather’s Here

After talking to Buddy for a while, Cheng Kexin learned that Ning Yan’s family was certainly more special compared to others as they were firm believers of Buddhism.

Perhaps that was the reason the things she said earlier had surprised Cheng Kexin.

“How did you find out all these, Buddy?” Cheng Kexin asked with confusion. These were things people normally did not talk about in public, so how did Buddy find out about this?

“I observed, duh,” Buddy simply answered, giving Cheng Kexin a look that seemed to question her why she was asking such a simple and straightforward question.

Cheng Kexin looked at Buddy helplessly, unsure of how to respond to this son of hers.

Perhaps it was better if the child was not too smart. Look at her son now, he was questioning and mocking her intelligence just because he was smart for his age.

Gu Chi, who had kept quiet the entire time during the conversation, could not help but laugh.

“Buddy, I see you have a lot of girls following you around in
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