You Came Like Star
You Came Like Star
Author: Mu Muyu
Chapter 1 Blind Date With A Strange Man
When she walked into the restaurant called Little Jiangnan, Su Kexin was actually quite surprised.

She had heard of Little Jiangnan before. Each dish cost almost a thousand bucks; it was basically a place for rich people to spend their dough. She never would have expected her blind date to choose this place for their first meeting.

It was not that she never came to places like this. The problem was that this was her fifth blind date in three months, and all of her previous dates had chosen regular cafes or even KFC. Now that she was suddenly at such a high-class place, it made her feel a little ill at ease.

Still, that meant he was serious about this.

With that in mind, Su Kexin straightened out the corner of her skirt that had been crumpled on the bus ride here, following the smiling waiter into the restaurant.

The man she was meeting this time was Feng Zheng. He had arrived a few minutes earlier than her and was already waiting for her at the table.

To be honest, although Su Kexin did not have particularly high hopes, she was still inevitably disappointed when she saw him.

His face was so oily it shone, and he already had a bald spot. Although he had purposely put on a formal shirt, it was not well-ironed, so it made him look quite peculiar.

However, she had heard long ago that he was into research, so this was normal, right? A man should be judged by his character, not his face.

As she thought that, Su Kexin forced down that tiny disappointment in her heart and gave him a small smile, taking her seat.

“You’re Miss Su, right?” He clearly looked rather nervous too, and he kept wiping his sweat away with paper napkins. “I’m Feng Zheng. It’s very nice to meet you.”

With that, he held out his hand to shake Su Kexin’s.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Feng.” Su Kexin shook his hand and found it extremely sweaty. It made her a little uncomfortable, but she could not just pull her hand back either.

“You're 26 this year, right, Miss Su?” That Feng Zheng did not seem to notice anything wrong with Su Kexin’s expression. After he released her hand, he opened a file on the table and read it carefully. “You’re not young anymore. If we get married now, we’ll have to get working on having children.”

Su Kexin looked down and saw that he was looking at her profile. He probably received it from the dating agency.

Although it was the information she had provided, the way he appraised her like a product still made Su Kexin a little less than happy. She did not say anything, though, responding with just a quiet “yeah”.

The dishes were served soon, delicate local Jiangnan dishes that Feng Zheng immediately dug into. He even looked through Su Kexin’s info as he ate.

Since Feng Zheng was not talking to her, Su Kexin found herself sitting there rather awkwardly. She was wondering if she should say something when she suddenly heard the waitstaff behind her saying a loud “welcome, sir!”

Su Kexin turned around, bored, but when she saw the man who walked into the restaurant, she could not help but stare.

No, it was not quite right to say he “walked” in, because that man who came in now was sitting in a wheelchair.

Nevertheless, that was not why Su Kexin stared. It was the man himself that left her dazed.

He wore a simple white shirt that was clearly well-tailored to fit his long and slender body. Above his graceful collarbones, he had a breathtakingly flawless face, sharp and defined brows, with every line on his face as beautiful as a carefully crafted masterpiece. He was utter perfection, and even Su Kexin, who prided herself in never drooling over guys, was a little lost in his gorgeousness.
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Allymat Alaba
nice story. can't get tired of reading
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no wonder this story is popular! so far i like it and gonna read more after this btw,is there any way i can keep up with your work? do you have social media?
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Emmelou Angeles Saquilabon Ramos
nice. must try

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