Chapter 23 The Nightmare From Two Years Ago

The room was so pitch-black that she could not see anything at all.

No, wait!

Su Kexin’s daze cleared somewhat, and she struggled, trying to push off the person pinning her down… but it was already too late.

After an endless sea of darkness and pain, her surroundings suddenly changed.

It was a raging storm, with thunder and lightning piercing through the sky.

Su Kexin dragged her bruised body and tried to pull together her shredded clothes as she stumbled through the storm. She held her phone in her hand, calling the same number again and again in a frenzy.


‘Where are you, Han…?

‘I’m really scared, please come save me…’

However, no matter how she tried to call the number, all she heard was an icy female voice—

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable. Please try again later.”

Finally, Su Kexin could not hold herself up anymore. She fell onto the soaking floor in the rain...

Gu Chi looked at Su Kexin, who was covered in a cold sweat as she lay on the bed. H
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