Chapter 30 Outstation Together

The next day, Su Kexin woke up half an hour earlier and used her laptop to draft a resignation letter.

It did not matter if she was being weak or trying to run away. She simply could not work under Gu Yihan. Since she could not transfer departments, then she could at least resign, right?

Before she could print out the resignation letter, though, she suddenly received a call from the hospital.

“Is this Miss Su? We just wanted to tell you that we noticed some activity on your mother’s EEG. It might be a sign that she’s waking up.”

“What?” Su Kexin was overjoyed. “Really, doctor? Will my mom really wake up?”

“It’s just a possibility. Don’t have too high hopes, Miss Su.”

“Any hope is better than none. I leave my mother in your hands, doctor.”

“Yes, we’ll do our best, of course. However…” The doctor sounded a tad more hesitant. “Because she seems to be improving, we’ll use a different treatment method. The problem is the costs…”

Su Kexin blinked but quickly understood. She said with
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Annierl Cooper
I don’t get her thinking as to why she doesn’t have a choice of quitting and she’s married to a billionaire. Can these FL in these stories open up their mouths and talk to their significant others please

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