Chapter 50 You Like This Type?

Yang Zuo face paled. “President Gu, I didn't mean it that way.”

Gu Chi did not want to entertain Yang Zuo any longer. He navigated his wheelchair and left the warehouse.

Gu Chi went home straight away. When he entered the bedroom, Su Kexin had just finished her bath. She was stepping out of the bathroom wrapped only in a bath towel and did not expect to see Gu Chi coming in.

“Ahhh!” Su Kexin shouted and wanted to scoot back into the bathroom.

Gu Chi just calmly told her, “Don’t bother hiding. After all, I’ve already seen it before.”

Su Kexin stood still.

Indeed. A few nights ago, despite nothing had happened in the end, Gu Chi had seen it all regardless of what can be seen or cannot be seen,

Su Kexin’s complexion flushed a burning shade of red. She was too embarrassed to continue hiding and just awkwardly walk out of the bathroom. She swiftly put on her nightgown on the outside before removing her towel.

Gu Chi gave a dry cough and averted his gaze.

Damn it. He used to have a
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