Chapter 63 Who’s Embarrassment We’ll Be Seeing

Gu Yihan had not expected that Lin Xiaoru would find out about Su Kexin’s identity. At first, he was shocked, but as he watched Lin Xiaoru’s domineering yet crazy attitude, his gaze had a flash of annoyance.

“I did not try to hide it from you, I just don’t see the need to purposely mention it. Besides, they would be attending the banquet this weekend, wouldn’t you have found out about it then?”

If Gu Yihan had not mentioned the banquet, Lin Xiaoru would not burst out even more.

Lin Xiaoru’s voice was getting sharper. “How dare you mention to me about this weekend’s banquet! Have you ever thought that if I wasn’t aware and suddenly saw Su Kexin this weekend, I might just collapse on the spot! And I would need to address her as my aunt-in-law?”

Lin Haisheng and Jiang Ling had always raised Lin Xiaoru as the apple in their eyes, hence she had always been a spoilt brat.

To win Gu Yihan’s heart, she had worked very hard to keep her temper in check all these while. However, she was extr
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