Chapter 86 Why Didn’t You Explain!

Su Kexin felt as if she was struck by lightning and her face turned pale.

She stared wide-eyed at Gu Yihan, speechless, her mouth quivering.

Looking at her, Gu Yihan’s eyes reddened and he shook her more violently. “Say something! Why didn’t you explain! Why did you just keep quiet as I tormented and humiliated you!”

Gu Yihan felt as if he was about to go crazy.

He could not describe his feelings when the private investigator that he had commissioned to investigate the incident two years ago reported to him. The truth about that incident two years ago was that Su Kexin was set up by someone. She had not volunteered for it.

There was heartache. He ached for the fact that Su Kexin had suffered all these alone in silence.

There was regret. He regretted that he did not offer Su Kexin any help or support when she needed him the most, but he had even ripped open her wounds over and over again, humiliated her, and hurt her.

There was anger. He was angry that after meeting again for so
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