Chapter 119 Having Dinner Together

Su Kexin started to feel a little guilty and ashamed. She said, “I have faith in you. I know that you won’t actually go behind my back and commit adultery. It’s just that my work expects me to come out with sensational news. It’s just a rumored affair. You can always rectify it later with a statement, right? Just treat this as you’re helping your wife with her career.”

‘Not okay!”

Gu Chi had never imagined that he would be angry over such matters. However, he knew that he was doomed to give in as he watched Su Kexin coquettishly pleading with him. Her pink and chubby cheeks made him want to take a bite.

He grabbed her hand, and with an unpredictable tone, he asked, “How would you like it if I held Zuo Yao’s hand like this?”

“Can!” Su Kexin, who was still lacking some common sense, eagerly answered.

“How about this?!” Gu Chi grabbed her shoulder and pulled her closer.

Su Kexin nodded harder. “Better! This is better!”

Gu Chi’s expression became so dark that he could have produced
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