Chapter 133 Do You Have Anything You’d Like To Tell Me?

A fire was burning within Gu Chi’s chest!

He lifted his hand, looked at Lin Xiaoru, and said through gritted teeth, “What is your purpose of bringing this photo here for me to see?”

Lin Xiaoru was frightened by Gu Chi’s anger. She did not expect that he would be that angry.

Lin Xiaoru said, “Gu Chi, are you blind? Can’t you see that Su Kexin was with Gu Yihan? The Su Kexin you have in your heart does not love you. Instead, she loves my fiancé, her ex-lover! I just wanted to let you see the true face of this woman. Do not be fooled by her weak exterior. I mean well, President Gu!”

Gu Chi smirked. The tone of his voice was cold as he said, “Mean well? Then please take your well-meaning words and scram!”

Lin Xiaoru paled. ‘What is going on?’ This is not what she had planned. Why is Gu Chi angry at her instead of Su Kexin?’

The purpose of showing the photo to Gu Chi was to spark his anger so that he would abandon Su Kexin. She had even hoped that he would torture and destroy her. Why
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