Chapter 171 Accusations Everywhere

When she saw the drastic change in Xiao Mei's expression, Su Kexin knew that something serious must have happened. That was the only reason Xiao Mei would react like this. Was the magazine company going to disband?

Su Kexin was still completely out of the loop here, so she asked perplexedly, "What is it, Xiao Mei? What happened?"

Xiao Mei hummed and hawed, not sure how to break it to Su Kexin.

"Just tell me, Xiao Mei, the suspense is killing me here."

Xiao Mei's gaze told Su Kexin that this big news had something to do with her.

Xiao Mei said, "Hurry up and look at Weibo, Sis Kexin. It's all gone haywire! But promise me you won't get too angry after you see it."

Su Kexin could not figure out what the news related to her could be, but it did not sound like anything good. Otherwise, why would Xiao Mei, who was so loud and rowdy yesterday, become so hesitant all of a sudden?

Su Kexin hurriedly turned on Weibo and immediately saw the latest trending topics.

She was struck dumb.

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