Chapter 202 Gu Chi’s Limit

Su Kexin suddenly felt a little dizzy. If she continued arguing with Lin Xiaoru like this, she might get so angry that she would harm her baby. It was not worth it.

Since Lin Xiaoru was such a troublemaker, she could stir up as much trouble as she wanted here, on her own.

“In that case, you can wait here as long as you want! I’ll be taking my leave!” Su Kexin left the living room and returned to her bedroom.

“Hey, Su Kexin, what’s with your attitude! Is this how you treat your benefactor? I’m telling you, Su Kexin. I can guarantee that your life will take a turn for the worse after this!”

Lin Xiaoru’s voice followed Su Kexin, and for some reason, Lin Xiaoru looked quite pleased with herself. Su Kexin suddenly had a rather bad feeling, as though something was going to happen.

Still, even if Lin Xiaoru had Gu Chi’s favor now, what else was she capable of doing?

When Lin Xiaoru saw Su Kexin hiding in her room, she felt like she had won, but the high from her victory was not at its s
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