Chapter 299 Blood-Related Truth

“Kexin, why are you asking all these questions?” Cheng Luo was curious and asked again.

Su Kexin was still in a state of shock from Cheng Luo’s answer and was slumped on the floor while her phone was strewn by the side.

‘How can it be a coincidence that Cheng Luo’s sister has the same birthmark as me?’

An answer swept past Su Kexin’s mind, but she fought to suppress it. She was unwilling to think about it. ‘It can’t be. The truth is not like what I think it is!’

“Kexin, are you there? Hello...” Cheng Luo worriedly asked as he did not hear any response from Su Kexin, but Su Kexin remained silent.

Cheng Luo took his phone and took a look to see if the call was still connected.

“Hello, Kexin, can you hear me speaking? Hello,” Cheng Luo called out louder, his tone worried and anxious.

Su Kexin was finally pulled out from her thoughts after hearing Cheng Luo’s voice. She quickly picked up her phone from the floor. “Hello, Cheng Luo.” There was a hint of desperation and anxiety in her
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Odunola Onadipe
Smart Luo! Love him!

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