Chapter 301 Real Family

The baby’s clothes were damp with morning dew. Su Yafen was scared that the baby would fall sick, so she took her baby’s clothes for this abandoned baby to wear. Fortunately, their sizes were similar.

“So she’s a baby girl.” After removing the blanket that covered the baby, Su Yafen realized that it was a baby girl just like her daughter.

While changing clothes for the baby, she noticed a birthmark on the baby’s waist. With one look, it looked like a butterfly. She chuckled, “Even the birthmark is so special. This baby seems extraordinary.”

At that time, the baby girl opened her eyes and their gazes met. Su Yafen used her hand to tickle the baby’s tiny hands and the baby smiled.

‘She looks like an able-bodied and healthy baby. She doesn’t look like a syndromic child. What irresponsible parents! How can they dump such a cute baby?’

Su Yafen observed the baby on the bed and felt torn. Raising one child was difficult enough for her. She was not capable of keeping this baby. Where sho
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