Chapter 303 I Want To Have A Chat With You

She had always seen Cheng Luo as a friend whom she could get along with very well. Not only had he always given her a feeling of familiarity, but he even rescued her from dangerous situations on multiple occasions.

Now that she knew Cheng Luo was her big brother, Su Kexin suddenly did not know how to face him.

Tears threatened to well up in her eyes. She slightly lowered her head to blink away those tears.

“Kexin, why are you here?” Cheng Luo sort of expected it, yet it still came as a surprise when he saw Su Kexin on the other side of the door. Cheng Luo stared at her as he recalled the things that he had asked his private investigator to find out.

“I...” Su Kexin was still dumbfounded and was at a loss for words at that moment. She rearranged her thoughts and smiled at Cheng Luo. “I’m here to look for Ruo’er. Is she home?”

When he heard Su Kexin’s intention, Cheng Luo thought that she had come here to settle scores with Cheng Ruo’er about the kidnapping incident. After all, it
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