Chapter 307 I Want This Baby

“Okay.” Su Kein nodded gently. Her reply sounded casual, but her mind was still full of thoughts about the baby.

Gu Chi felt a little awkward as he watched Su Kexin drink the soup silently. He spoke up to break the silence, “Kexin, where did you go today? Why did you come back so late?”

“Nowhere. I just went to the hospital to accompany my mother for a while.” Su Kexin did not want to tell him about her and Cheng Ruo’er at the moment. If she did, he would surely think that she was targeting Cheng Ruo’er on purpose.

“How’s mom?”

“She’s fine.”

He nodded, unable to find any more topics of interest. After all, he had never been a chatty person. The couple fell into silence once again.

After finishing the bowl of soup, Su Kexin strengthened her resolve and lifted her head to look at Gu Chi. “Gu Chi, I have something to tell you.”

“What?” Looking at her solemn expression, Gu Chi was curious about what she wanted to say.

She inhaled deeply and said, “I want to keep this baby. If you s
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