Chapter 308 Get Rid Of This Baby

Gu Chi would not believe that Cheng Ruo’er had framed her. If she told him about this now, she could not guarantee that things would look good for her.

Now that they had managed to somewhat mend their relationship, she did not wish to start another argument with Gu Chi over Cheng Ruo’er. Perhaps she would tell him about it at a later date.

Gu Chi did not ask her any more questions and hugged her tightly. In the silence, they could feel the warmth between them. It was something that they had not felt in a long time.

Just like that, a few days passed since Gu Chi had agreed to let her keep the baby.

Su Kexin and Gu Chi had been spending their time together rather happily. Even though it was obvious that Gu Chi was still not in the best mood, he never brought up the topic of getting an abortion again. They no longer had any arguments about it.

When she saw that Gu Chi had silently accepted this child, Su Kexin was not only touched, but she was also determined. She must hurry up and p
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